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Universe gives what you ‘ACTUALLY’ want..

Speak to your Higher Self and you will know the answers…

“As a child I was always fascinated by the fantasy land and the wonderland – land of fairies, lots of flowers, birds, butterflies, animals, lots of stars and angels and a land which only had “GOOD People”. I sometimes daydreamt and kept smiling thinking that someday I would visit this place like Heaven. Even as a child, I was inclined towards spiritualism, God, love for animals and Angels. And yes, how can I forget my crush for having a large collection of assorted crystals and gemstones – the gift from Mama Earth. As a person I am very emotional and keep lots of expectations from people, give and expect love in return.

As I grew up and witnessed the realities of the actual world, I was a bit disillusioned. I soon realized that Heavens are not on Earth. I finished my studies, took up a corporate job, met my soul mate, got married and followed a very normal, average life as most of us do. 7 years into marriage and I still do not have a baby because of my own personal issues. Pray, pray and pray is what I did all day; but with frustration that things are not working out for me.

Although I am an M.B.A in Human Resource Management and working for a private educational institution; my interest was always towards spirituality and these Godly affairs. But still something was missing in life. And a day came when I realized that it was the purpose of me being on the Earth that was missing in my life. Are we here just to eat, sleep, play, study, marry, work and then die one day? A big NO. We all are here on this Earth, this planet for a purpose. As commonly said – people come for a reason or a season… so do we! We took birth on this Earth for a reason as a human being and to make a difference to this world no matter how small we contribute. I started realizing this very strongly. I started meditating. I learnt Reiki which gave me peace of mind.

Today I understand why I was so fascinated by the Angels and little animals, crystals and gemstones.. Because somewhere I and my soul believed that we are here for a reason. And believe me with our conscious efforts as a human we all can make this Earth a better place and just like Heaven. The Supreme source of energy (God) truly exists. We can experience various kinds of energies if we tap into them in the right way with proper knowledge and skill.

I was so fascinated by the alternative healing therapies and this lead to my interest of learning Crystal Healing. I tried to gather knowledge from the internet and started buying and collecting crystals. But didn’t knew what exactly to do with them. I just learnt to meditate with them.  I often used to see videos of Hibiscus Moon and wished I could learn from her one day. But it was next to impossible for me to go to Florida or buy her online course due to my financial issues. But I kept nurturing my dream of learning from her.

I had this entire collection of crystals, gemstones, wands and pendulum but was unaware of the crystal healing procedures. Learning Crystal Healing in Gujarat, India is quite difficult due to lack of resources.

This was the time my Husband Dushy supported me and urged me not to let go of my dream of learning from Hibiscus Moon. He suggested me to put her photo in the room and pray and meditate and just keep faith in myself and the Universe.

I consider her as my Guruma. He insisted me to trust the cosmos and its power to give what I really wanted in life. And guess what! One fine day I won the Sparkly Scholarship Giveaway from her academy Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy and I was overjoyed with tears in my eyes. Now I truly started believing in the power of subconscious mind and universal law of attraction. Now I realize why I was unable to become a mom because it was just a feeling which had come up because of social pressures and was not my conscious and subconscious effort to have a baby. Maybe I don’t miss my own baby as I already have a furry baby Maggi 😉. And maybe I have a different purpose to come on this Earth in this birth. This is how I started my journey. I am so grateful to My teacher my Guruma for helping me learn Crystal Healing.

 With this step I never turned back. I kept on adding new feathers of knowledge in my cap– Reiki, Crystal Healing, Angel Therapy, Aroma Therapy, Animal Healing and a lot more!

Lastly, I would say trust your intuitions and your higher self. Nothing in life can guide you better to be successful.”


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