Pet After Death Signs..

It is Impossible to forget a pet that gave you so much to remember!

This blog is regarding my neighbour dog Roxy. And I am sure you will have tears in your eyes after reading my relation with him. Tears… not of pain but of love and happiness: -)

Roxy was a cute, fluffy, furry male Shih Tzu. We met him around 7-8 years ago. He was such a darling baby. When we got Maggi – my furry baby (a female Lhasa Apso) around 5 years ago they behaved as if they were rivals. Later, Roxy and Maggi started getting along well and sometimes on the way when he used to meet her, he was so happy to see her. However Maggi never liked him. Roxy, out of excitement and happiness used to wag his tail and then with his hind legs he used to throw dust on me and my hubby to show his happiness. Such an obedient and cute baby. He used to jump on my two wheeler for a ride (which again was never liked by Maggi). We used to see him not regularly but sometimes.

Days, months and years passed. We never realised that someday we will find Roxy so ill that things will be out of our hands. One day my husband came late at 2 in the midnight and informed me about Roxy’s illness. My husband was himself shocked seeing Roxy on road with his pet parent (Aunty Asha). Roxy was all bones and no flesh. Aunty Asha exposed the reason of his such a painful condition. Roxy was suffering from liver failure. When I heard this is was in tears. I very next morning went to his place to see him. He had a hunched back, was all in bones, without any hair, a limp tail, so tired and seemed to be lifeless. He didn’t even react seeing me because he didn’t have the energy to even get up. This was the most painful thing I have ever seen in my life. I was totally devastated. I could never ever imagine this beautiful baby to be seen in such a pitiful condition. I immediately saw his reports and medicines. Aunty Asha had lost all hope. And actually there was no hope left for his survival. He was sick for over 6 months. He was not eating, not having water, and was totally on drips…

I still decided to give him Crystal Healing. I didn’t want to lose him. From that very moment I started healing him. I did every damn thing to save him. I did Crystal Healing, Reiki, gave him Angel Therapy, everything I could do for him. I made a Crystal Grid at my home, at Roxy’s home too for his healing.

I spent a lot on buying whatever Crystals and Gemstones I needed to save him. He started improving. Daily I used to visit him for healing him on the way back from my office. I also gave him distance healing day and night.

I was happy seeing him improve. He started eating, drinking and roaming in his own house, reacting, wagging his tail. We convinced aunty Asha to give him chicken. They refused as they were Jains who do not even eat onion, garlic and potatoes. For them bringing chicken at home was out of question. But I and my hubby convinced them and they agreed just for Roxy’s health and well-being.

One Monday afternoon returning from my office I saw him on the road roaming with aunty. I was so happy. He came near my two wheeler but was still very weak to jump on it. But I was happy that he showed so much improvement.

God is kind, but we can’t change destiny. Our birth and death is predetermined. And so was the case with Roxy. One day early morning I received a call from aunty for his sad demise. Roxy earned his wings, I couldn’t believe.. I can’t stop my tears even today writing this. I went to his place that morning, shook his dead body and asked him to wake up and open his eyes by literally pulling his eye lids. But he was gone, FOREVER. I miss him so much. I can’t forget his eyes.

I was shocked, I didn’t knew what happened suddenly, what went wrong in my healing. I was so depressed and frustrated that I started searching for animal mediums that could help me connect with Roxy’s spirit. I wanted to do anything to find them, pay any amount of money to get connected to Roxy to ask him what went wrong?, why did he leave us?.. I cried so much in front of Archangel Raphael who has always helped me heal animals and even my Maggi when she was ill. I was totally not understanding what went wrong. I was becoming mad thinking about the same thing day and night. I just didn’t want to accept the reality that he is gone, though we buried him ourselves. The place where we buried him we had put lot of flowers and incense. I can’t forget that smell even today.

Those days I came to know about the ‘Rainbow Bridge’. Pet animals, when they transition to the other realm; cross the Rainbow Bridge as they go to Heaven. Rainbow Bridge is a bridge connecting the Heaven and Earth. It’s called Rainbow Bridge because it has many colours. This place has enough of food, water, lush green grass, valleys and rivers. Animals love this place as they have many of their friends to play with.

Even the animals who are maimed become whole again and are very happy there. The only thing is that they miss their parents, their much-loved owners. They keep looking for their owners from there and wish to reunite. Unless they reincarnate this does not happen. And one day comes when they reunite with their pet parents who missed them so much.

One the other side, in case they don’t reincarnate, it does not mean that they are not with us. Their spirit is always near us. It’s only that they have left their earth suit that longer serves them and their soul. The owners keep missing them not realising that their spirits are already with them. Hence to make us realise their presence, they send us ‘signals’ that they are nearby and happy. They can’t see us crying in pain.

Signals? You must be feeling strange, but it’s true! I have experienced this myself.

The signs sent by our beloved pets might be anything, a white feather, a sudden crying while you were still happy, a rainbow, a rainfall, a favourite music which you used to listen together with your fluffy, favourite food which you enjoyed together, a heart shape in the sky or anywhere..

I didn’t believe this unless this happened to me. One day I was laying on bed and suddenly I started crying, I got up and looked out of the window at the place where we buried Roxy and suddenly it started raining heavily. Then I realised seeing the clock it was exactly one week, same day, same time when I met him the last time when he was alive. Was this a sign? I knew but still didn’t believe. I just closed my eyes and asked him ‘Is this you Roxy near me’? How do I get the answer? Spirits can’t speak. I discussed this with my hubby and friends. Everyone said I was going crazy and behaving spooky.

The next day I took Maggi for a walk and got her an ice cream. She was so excited to have it that I made her eat half on the way and half I planned to give her after reaching home. I was shocked to reopen that half licked ice-cream at home. It had a paw print on it. Can you see that in the picture? I then realised it was Roxy baby giving me signs of happiness that he was free from the Earth suit. Thereafter I could see many signs – a heart in a flock of pigeons, a heart in the sky, a heart on the ground made by fuel drops leaking from a vehicle just near Maggi and so many white feathers each day on my bed. I thank Roxy baby, for sending me signs that he is happy. May be I was being selfish to withhold him with me and aunty Asha and was not letting him go when he was suffering. He was actually suffering in his physical body, the Earth suit that was no longer serving him. May be because I didn’t want him to go, he stayed with us for few more weeks to give me happiness, just to assure me that my animal healing was working on him. And yes, most importantly, Maggi who hated him so much (out of her cute possessive nature) started behaving like him by throwing dust with her hind legs when she is happy. She has made this a habit now which reminds me of Roxy every day.

Roxy I miss you still, but I am not sad because I know you are near me and you are happy as you send me these signs and protect me as my Guardian Angel. I know you will reunite with aunt Asha too one day as she misses you every second. I know by these signs you tell me that our loving God will reunite us when the time is right and one day we will step out of the darkness and meet you in the light…

Love you Roxy, my Angel. Stay Blessed!


PS: The moment I thought of writing this blog I could find rainbows on my work table in my office, on my friends face ;-). Sadly I do not carry mobile or camera every time to capture those images.


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