Angel Therapy Course
Angel Therapy is a divine healing modality from the Angelic Realm. The Angelic realm have been with us from the beginning of our life, they have been by our side and walked with us through every step of our life. This course is specially designed for the people who are drawn towards the Angelic realm and intend to bring the hope, healing and light to themselves and to others. This healing modality can be used on yourself, others, children and animals too.

Benefits of Angel Therapy:

★ You will learn connect to your higher self

★ You will meet the spiritual realm

★ You will be taught to meet your spirit guides

★ Advanced Angel Therapy teaches you to clear your Karmic residue, Learn the purpose of your soul and reveal spiritual gifts

★ This course reconnects you back to the light and energy of the Angels

★ You may use this course to treat yourself as well as others and animals too.

Angel Therapy:


Angel Therapy Basics

Rs 6500 + GST
  • ★ Introduction - What is Angel Therapy
  • ★ Angelic Realms
  • ★ Elements
  • ★ Elemental Beings
  • ★ 9 Choirs of Angels
  • ★ 4 Main Watch Tower Angels
  • ★ Your Guardian Angels
  • ★ Guided Meditations
  • ★ Angels in your life
  • ★ Angel Crystals
  • ★ Angelic Healing Procedure
  • ★ Step by Step Healing Sessions - Preparing Space and yourself, Equipment needed etc
  • ★ Angelic Healing Assessment & Certification

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Rs 10000 + GST
  • ★ Introduction
  • ★ Archangels
  • ★ 7 Archangels and their roles
  • ★ Archangels Realms
  • ★ Healing with the Golden Angelic Ray
  • ★ Soul Star
  • ★ Healing the Heart
  • ★ YHWH Healing Meditation
  • ★ Venus and its power symbol
  • ★ Advanced Angelic Healing Procedures and Steps – White Light, 4 Protection Pillars, Guardian Angel Support, Golden Angelic Ray, Golden Dome, Guardian Archangel,Grounding
  • ★ Post Session Awareness Protection

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