Animal Reiki

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Animal Reiki Course:
Animal Reiki is a wonderful non-invasive alternative therapy for animals and can be effectively used on them. It helps strengthen the relationship with the animal and the owner. It can be learned by anyone who is interested in healing and communicating with animals. If you have already worked with animals as a trainer, groomer or a veterinarian or work in an environment such as a shelter or a rescue centre; this is an ideal course for you and would perfectly fit with your existing profile and practice.

Animals are very sensitive to energy healing. These innocent souls are the ones which too fall sick due to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual causes. Medicines cannot always treat these issues especially the ones which are related to their anxiety, stress and emotions. Animal Reiki course teaches you how to heal different types of animals, birds etc and develop a strong connection with them. These healings can be given to them in person and even from a distance.

Benefits of Animal Reiki:

★ It is an extremely safe, non-invasive, natural way to heal animals.

★ Animal Reiki helps to strengthen the connection between the animal and their owner.

★ Animal Reiki balances the animals on a mental level to help release tension, aggression, anxiety and depression.

★ We can calm the animals for the future situations such as adoptions or competitions taking account of the considerations associated with the event.

★ Animal Reiki improves their health on a physical and emotional level.

★ It increases their Energy levels.

★ We can perform Animal Reiki successfully from a distance.

★ Animal Reiki can never do any harm.

★ During Animal Reiki the animal is in control of the session.

★ As an Animal Reiki practitioner, we can be in the location we choose to do Animal Reiki and are not required to be confined or restrained to a particular place.

Animal Reiki

Rs 10000 + GST
  • ★ Introduction to Reiki
  • ★ History of Reiki
  • ★ Why use Reiki with Animals
  • ★ Attunement Ceremony
  • ★ Reiki Symbols
  • ★ Reiki Self-Treatments
  • ★ Animal Chakras
  • ★ Connecting with Animal meditation
  • ★ Conducting Animal reiki session
  • ★ Reiki with Dogs
  • ★ Reiki with Cats
  • ★ Reiki with Horses
  • ★ Reiki with Smaller Animals
  • ★ Reiki with Farm Animals
  • ★ Reiki for Birds
  • ★ Reiki in the Wild
  • ★ Reiki in Shelters
  • ★ Reiki and Palliative Care
  • ★ Animals and their Guardians
  • ★ Assignments and Certification

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