Crystal Reiki

Holistic Healing Therapy

Crystal Reiki Masters Course
(Level I+II +Masters)

Crystal Reiki Masters is a course in which the Reiki practise is integrated with the healing power of Crystals. Here we emphasize on a structured way how to perform, teach and attune others to Crystal Reiki Master Level. This course creates a refined and powerful energetic conduit by uniting the energy of Reiki the universal life force and the metaphysical properties of Crystals. CR Masters Course syndicates the scientific and technical aspects of Crystal Reiki. This is a advanced level course inclusive of level 1+2 and Masters, reason being that this course itself is a vast assemblage of step by step CR techniques.

Breaking them in separate levels would somehow be incomplete for my students. CR Level I focuses on the technical aspects of Crystal Reiki and here we learn to address any imbalances in your body and life. CR Level II focuses on the practical aspects of performing Crystal Reiki. Here you will be taught to do practical CR and you will be taught about a whole new dimension to your Reiki sessions. Also, your intuition and instinct will play a larger role. In the CR Master Level you will learn to explore your chosen combination of the crystal, learn a combined resonance and learn how to use Crystal Reiki symbols as templates for those layouts. Here at this level you will also receive your Crystal Reiki Attunement. At this stage you also explore some of the ways Crystal Reiki can be used to address a variety of imbalances so you can begin your practice with confidence.

Benefits of Crystal Reiki:

★ Crystal Reiki sessions can help you to focus on specific conditions.

★ Crystals are tangible forms of energy.

★ Performing CR holds more powerful energetic vibrations that can be sensed.

★ Using CR can help you tune into the energetic level which in turn can reassure that shifts are happening. This reassurance helps to make the conscious choice to return for more sessions and healing.

★ Combined energy of Crystals and Reiki in CR helps solving specific problems

★ Various CR Layouts and Grids helps to overcome issues without even devoting daily time to practice.

★ Crystal Reiki takes you to exciting and wondrous new levels of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and distance healing.


Rs 10000 + GST
  • ★ Introduction Crystal Reiki
  • ★ How Crystal Reiki works
  • ★ Working with Crystals
  • ★ Colour Guide
  • ★ Crystal aligning meditation
  • ★ Diagnosing and prescribing Crystal Reiki
  • ★ How to perform Crystal Reiki Session
  • ★ Crystal Reiki and Reiki Principals
  • ★ Crystal Reiki Principals Meditation
  • ★ Crystal Reiki Symbols and Layouts
  • ★ Crystal Reiki Grids Guided Meditation
  • ★ Attunement Ceremony
  • ★ Teaching CR and performing CR Attunements
  • ★ Crystal Reiki for specific intentions and imbalances
  • ★ Using Crystal Reiki at home and with others and animals
  • ★ Assignments and Certification

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