The path of a ‘Healer’ is one of healing the self and then facilitating that healing in others.

Although we call ourselves as Crystal “Healers”, Reiki “Healers” or Energy “Healers”; we are not the actual “Healers”, we as humans are no one to heal anybody. It's only that we facilitate the healing process by drawing the healing power of the Universe, Divine Source Energy, Life Force Energy or the Angels. There is no greater honour or privilege than facilitating the process of healing for someone. It is to understand, to witness, to share the burden of someone’s suffering, to empathize, to lend a helping hand and to hold the hope for their recovery. In general, in a healing session the healer/ practitioner begins the session by calming the mind and body of the recipient in a selected healing place. Then the practitioner focuses his/her intentions on the recipient’s highest good and starts the healing session. Different types of healing sessions have different requirements and methodologies. E.g., a Reiki Healing Session will be different from a Crystal Healing Session.

Who can benefit from Healing Sessions?
Healing sessions can practically benefit every being on the planet. This means you, your loved ones and even animals and plants. Healing Sessions also help in improving situations and circumstances in life.

How can I enrol for a Healing Session?

You can choose to take a healing session ‘in person’ or a distance healing session depending upon your convenience. A typical ‘in person’ healing session would usually lasts for 1.5 hours, comprising the following:

★ Personal interaction – approximately 10 - 15 minutes

★ Paperwork and other formalities – 10 minutes

★ Preparation for the session – 10 minutes

★ Healing Session – 40 to 45 minutes

★ Grounding and winding up – 15 – 20 minutes

For a Distance Healing session, you need to take an appointment as per the time slots available of the Coach. You may call up or email for the same. The timings and the frequency of the distance healing session will differ from case to case basis.


Holistic Healing Therapists are trained specialists who use non-invasive practices for healthy body, mind and spirit. As Holistic Healing works by balancing internal energy states, it may take several sessions before results are noticed. The results also depend on other factors, such as lifestyle, general health and ongoing medications. We do not claim to diagnose, treat or prevent any medical condition in the same regards as a medical practitioner.


General Pre-requisites and Norms:

• Please reach 15 minutes before the session.

• You are required to wear neat, clean and fresh clothes.

• Avoid using strong perfumes.

• You should have not consumed alcohol or any non-vegetarian food (including eggs) at least 24 hours prior to the session. These might negatively affect the session effectiveness.

• Avoid having onion and garlic before the session.

• We recommend you bring at least one person along with you for the session. This is because after a session, you may feel light-headed or sleepy. This is normal response of the body as it heals itself. Also, you should avoid driving immediately after a session.

• Male clients should be accompanied by female family members.

• Any medical conditions, ongoing treatments / medications or allergies should be discussed in advance.

Terms and Conditions:

• The fee for the healing session or buying the course may be paid online, in cash or by cheque.

• All the payments should be done in advance.

• In case the client feels any discomfort or uneasiness during the session, it will be discontinued immediately with a mutual consent between the healer and the client.

• No refunds are applicable once the fee is paid.

• All disputes are subject to Ahmedabad. jurisdiction.

I agree to the above Pre-requisites, Terms & Conditions and confirm my booking with WFHH.