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Seven Chakra Mat

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3000 INR + GST

    This Mat cum Tapestry is wonderful product for the Reiki Meditation. It can also be used on the healing table for the chakra balancing sessions.

    The original product may vary from the image given.

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Reiki Healing Stones

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1500 INR + GST

    Reiki Healing Stones are ready stones charged with the Reiki Energy. These are ready to use stones are are very precious. These stones are found in different gemstones like green aventurine, amethyst, rose quartz etc. Image given is of the

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Reiki Box

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1000 INR + GST

    Reiki Box is also known as wish box. Reiki box can be used for giving Reiki to multiple things and situations. I advice to learn Reiki for using this Reiki box as it take various procedures and steps to use this box. Original product may vary from the image given.

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