Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What kind of things can be treated or improved with Holistic Healing? Holistic Healing aims to treat ailments that are related to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues. It also helps in improving situations and circumstances in life.

2. Can HH be done on children? Is there any minimum age? Yes it can be safely done on children. However the session length would be much shorter than the adults. Healing sessions are not run on pregnant women.

3. Is there any min age to learn HH? Yes. The minimum age for learning HH is 18 years.

4. Is there any minimum / maximum age to receive HH sessions? No. HH can be safely done on subjects of any age group – from infants to elderly.

5. How much time does it take for results to be seen? The results are usually seen right from the first session. However, this largely depends on what kind of an issue is being addressed. The results also depend on other factors like diet and lifestyle. For physical ailments, it usually takes about 2 – 3 sessions for the results to be fully perceived. For other issues like finances, relationships, etc., it may take longer. Your healer can give you a fairly good estimate on how many sessions would be required for a particular kind of a treatment.

6. Can it treat life’s other situations (disharmony, financial issues, lack of peace and wellbeing...)? Yes, but different situations have different treatments. Some issues or situations may need less time, while others might require you to learn and practice certain things regularly before any benefits are perceived.

7. Why can’t I see results with the session? Holistic Healing Therapies require time, and dedication and most importantly – patience. You need to surrender yourself for getting the full benefits of the healing sessions. Behaviour patterns like negative thinking, unjust scepticism or doubts and non-belief in such therapies can negate or nullify the effects of these therapies.

8. How to book or cancel a session? Please refer to the healing session page.

9. In how much time can I start healing others after taking a healing course? Once you complete the course you are given practise assignments. On completion of the assignments you receive a certification. You can start healing post certification. Please note for teaching the courses you necessarily need to have the Master’s Degree Certificate.

10. Does HH have any effect on other medicines/treatments? HH is completely non-invasive and compliments any ongoing medications and treatments being taken for the same issue.