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Some Angels choose fur instead of wings!

No one loves you unconditionally as your beloved pet. Tough to believe? but its true!

Whether they your parents, sibling, spouse or your best friend, their love for you cannot be compared with that of your pet. You and your soul will never ever realize this unless you are a pet parent.

I (Sonal) was born and brought up in a very open minded Punjabi family. I lived with my parents and my brother. A very small family but very caring for each other. I don’t remember a single day when my parents scolded they never did. I must say that my brother is the best brother I could ever have. Both of us are very pampered and never had to demand things as our parents love us so much that they do anything to make us happy. Over all a happy, home sweet home!! ahh I miss those days even today..the laughter we shared, the fun we had, the outings, the festivals we celebrated, the rains we enjoyed together..such beautiful days. I am now happily married since 7 years. I found my soul mate myself as I never believed in arranged marriages. Dushy my husband is the bestest husband in the world. He loves me so much even more than himself. He would first fulfill my wishes and all the time ignore his. He will always step out of his comfort zone to make me happy. He will agree to all my silly demands, adjust with my (sometimes) irritating behavior which if anyone else in his place couldn’t bear. My in-laws too are very supportive. Though I am married in a Rajasthani family which is supposed to be very conservative but I have all the freedom to do whatever I want to do. I have very limited friends as I am very choosy about friends. But yes they are my best buddies with whom I share everything. They perfectly match the saying – “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. Ha Ha 😉 . So this is all about the people around me.

In January 2013 I had gone to my cousin’s place for vacations in Kolkata where she had many pet animals like Dogs, Deers, Rabbits, Cats and Ducks etc. She has a biiiigg house. I was excited to see them all and loved to play and feed them. There I came across my furry baby Maggi. She was then just 45 days old. Poor little baby came to me as a special gift in a small red bucket. Looking at her I had tears of happiness. I never had this feeling before meeting anyone. She was an angel in Earth Suit. There comes the soul connection as immediately I could sense it.

No plans to adopt a pet , no extraordinary love for dogs although I loved animals especially cats, still this happened.

The day 15th January 2013 changed my life as I became a pet parent. I had been with her for 3 days and then I came back from Kolkata as she was too tiny to bring by air. Later on after almost a month we brought her by train to Ahmedabad. My cutie angel recognized me and was dying to come out of that red bucket on the railway station to hug me. There started the journey of unconditional Love.

Maggi is highly pampered and loved by everyone in my family. She does not know what is to get a scolding. She sleeps with us , wakes us ever morning, and we never ever leave her alone. It has been 5 years we brought her but not a single day not a single minute we leave her alone in the house. We throw a big party on her birthday every year to make her feel special. Since 5 years we do not go out on Diwali Day to see Fireworks, Crackers and Lighting because she doesn’t like the sound and lights. We take her everwhere we go whether its to my mumma’s place or somewhere outside the city. With us she has traveled Mount Abu, Udaipur, Jaiselmer, Diu, Sasan Gir (which is a wild life sanctuary), lots of more places to take her as she loves to go for adventure trips.  And the places where she cannot be taken? we ourselves don’t go 😉

I and and my hubby were very fond of non-vegetarian but our love for Maggi turned us to vegetarians and we don’t regret it. We feel good infact.

She is a darling, an angel to us. Love is unconditional that she has taught us. Pets are like that. No matter someone hates her but she will always greet them wagging her tail and kiss them on their feet when they meet her.

What happens when you come back home from work? does your child, or loving one jump on you with love? Do you see your loving family members sitting near the door when its time for you to come back? Does your husband or your parents wait entire night and do not sleep at all till the time you come back? Even if you have a bad argument with your best friend does she come and kiss you? When you are upset and even if you are not crying but your voice is heavy does anyone asks you what went wrong? When you are crying no matter your family, friends be with you but do they sit with you till the time you ensure them that you are okey? When you are sick from within does anyone come to know till the time you make them realize by your voice, actions or behaviour? Knowing these things and doing all these things is a soul to soul connection. This is what pets do. As a teenager you wanted freedom even from your parents although for few hours so that you can do what you want, talk on phone with friends, listen the music loud, dance like a mad, cook things which may spoil the food material, yes? This does not mean we don’t love them or they don’t love us. But yes humans have their own limitations, views, thought process, perceptions and choices. Their actions and reactions are dependent upon what is right what is wrong and their own wishes.

But pets are different. They love us unconditionally, selflessly, even if you do not give them food and water. Even if a member of your family who hates them goes out for an hour they don’t eat and be upset and have tears in their eyes. This is true unconditional love. Maggi loves me more than anyone on this earth. She is such an angel who taught me to be calm, selfless and caring. She taught me what a motherhood is as she is my child. She loves me more than my actual baby would have loved me. Even if I have headache she will come and sit with me touching me and making me realize that she is there for me and wants to help me. The only people they look forward to is their family members who adopted them. For you your pets must be someone but for them we are their world. 

Adopt a pet and you will find a positive change in your life. You will know who is a true soul partner..They will never leave you alone and sad. Even if they transition they will just leave their earth suit but their soul is always besides you protecting you, watching over you as your Guardian Angel. They will take all your worries, sickness and badluck on themselves to keep you safe. Trust me.

I never advice people to do what I feel is right. Its a free will world, but yes this is something I would strongly like to insist every viewer of this blog – Adopt a pet- a dog, cat, bird, anything.

They are your true Guardian Angels..

Love, Light and Blessings!




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