Reiki is another alternative healing modality that was developed in 1922 by Dr.Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist. It is based on the Life Force Energy that flows through all livings things. It is relaxing and reduces stress, which in and of itself promotes healing.

It is a great tool for stress reduction and relaxation. Reiki is often used to complement conventional medicine and is practiced worldwide. Reiki heals by flowing through the affected parts of the energy field and charging them with positive energy. Healing with Reiki involves getting attuned to Reiki energy which makes it unique from other healing modalities. This ceremony is performed by a Reiki Master to open and expand the energy channels allowing the flow of Life Force Energy.

Benefits of Reiki:

★ Deep relaxation

★ Reduction in muscle tension and pain

★ Accelerated wound healing

★ Greater sense of health and wellbeing

★ Useful during illness, injuries, pre and post-op

★ Promotes health

★ The patient / subject does not need to believe in the process but only needs to be receptive to experience benefits

Reiki Healing :


Reiki Courses :

Reiki - 1st Degree
First Degree - Reiki Level 1 is open to anyone. It channelizes the flow of energy at a physical level. It allows the practitioner to connect to the universe life force. Student is attuned to the Reiki Level 1.

Reiki - 2nd Degree
Second Degree - Reiki Level 2 focuses practising Reiki on others. It expands the energy channels. Students receive the Reiki symbols and Level 2 attunement. This provides the ability to heal from distance or sending the healing energy.

Reiki Master
Third Degree & Reiki Master/Teachers Level - Reiki Level 3 Knowledge to attune new Reiki practitioners. New symbols are taught.


Rs 3000 + GST
  • ★ Reiki Introduction to Level 1
  • ★ Origin of Reiki
  • ★ History of Reiki
  • ★ Chakras and Meridians
  • ★ Preparing to use Reiki
  • ★ Reiki Level 1 Attunement
  • ★ Ways to use Reiki
  • ★ Reiki Hand Positions
  • ★ Reiki Self Treatments
  • ★ Reiki with others, Group treatments, Pregnancy, Palliative care etc..
  • ★ Assignments and Certification

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Rs 4000 + GST
  • ★ Introduction to Level 2
  • ★ Ways to use Reiki
  • ★ Reiki Symbols
  • ★ Uses of the Symbols
  • ★ Reiki Techniques
  • ★ Distance Healings
  • ★ Ways to use Distance Reiki
  • ★ Past and future Reiki
  • ★ Reiki Level 2 Attunement
  • ★ Assignments and Certification

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Rs 5000 + GST
  • ★ Introduction to Level 3
  • ★ Meeting the Reiki Guides
  • ★ Master and other traditional symbols
  • ★ Reiki Attunements
  • ★ Distance Attunements
  • ★ Psychic Surgery
  • ★ Assignments and Certification
  • ★ Discounts and Freebees

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